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          Company profile

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          Hunan Kinghai International Trade Co., Ltd. is a leading expert in producing and exporting bags and luggages globally. Located in the downtown Changsha, the capital city of Hunan province, Kinghai is only 14 miles away from the airport and 6 miles away from the High-Speed train station. Kinghai has won the heart of business partners and customers in over 40 countries (most in United States, European, South America and Asian countries) with high quality products, competitive price, professional one-stop service, and trustworthy business ethics. With partially owned BSCI-certified manufacturers in Hunan and Zhejiang province, we are experienced one-stop provider of OEM & ODM products that meet environmental standard (e.g. REACH standard). In the past 20 years, we have developed our product line into all kind of bags, including travel bags, backpacks, laptop bag & sleeves, schoolbags, briefcase, shopping bags/carts, trolley case and so on.


          Hunan Kinghai International Trade Co., Ltd


          We believe that success comes from skilled workers, passionate R&D, professional salesperson, strict risk management & quality control system, and most importantly our Kinghai We-Care & Can-Do philosophy. All of them enable us to have better understanding of needs, individual service, direct sourcing, efficient production and satisfied quality. As an energetic and fast-growing enterprise, Kinghai welcomes every interested business partner and hope to grow with you together.


          Hunan Kinghai International Trade Co., Ltd


          Your emails inquiry and samples are greatly appreciated, and we will assure you of our best price and quality with trustworthy service. Please share with us your ideas and comments, and feel free to contact us.

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